(the Persian word for circle)
I believe my identity is formed by my Persian culture heritage, and that my art work is derived from childhood experiences, rooted in the architecture, colours, patterns and spiritual symbols I absorbed as I matured. I am aware this heritage is being lost in a world of technology and consumerism that disdain's the old and traditional.
The Prehistoric Era of the landmass formerly as Persia, but now known as Iran, has been called the cradle of civilisation by western historians. Here, the worlds earliest known artists(5000 BC) turned to the natural world for models of pattern and design. Makings on clay evolved into form and pattern.
My creativity depends on the symbolic values, determined by my heritage, of geometrical forms, especially the circle .I perceive this cultural inheritance as one rooted in an ancient Persian mythology, which reveals a deep respect for Nature while using a spiritual language of symbols. But this heritage has been entwined with Islam faith and its artistic respect for rhythmical design and calligraphy, a written language. Thus, my intuitive artistic voice comes from a Persian-Islamic culture, which has a very long history.
I determined to establish a scientific pattern between history , religious tradition and contemporary creativity, with particular reference to my response to Persian geometry and symbolism. I offer descriptions of my own work ,which expresses the symbolism of the circle and respect for the natural world.

Persian artists perceived that the circle is a primary structure in the design of nature and they gave this shape symbolic values one wholeness ,unity and spiritual significance. In my Persian jewellery collection , I use etching, enamelling, referring to a widespread craft in Persia.



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